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Stand Up Padding

Modern paddle boarding or stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) originated in Hawaii in the 1960s when Waikiki surf instructors used outrigger canoe paddles to control their longboards while taking pictures of tourists during lessons. The sport is enjoying a resurgence this century thanks to a handful of prominent Hawaiian surfers who have become advocates for the sport as a total body exercise. Visitors to Oahu, the birthplace of SUP, will find a number of hospitable beaches and surf shops where they can advantage of the sport’s modern iteration.

Waterfall Hike & Swim

Waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii are some of the world’s finest. We both agree the Big Island is collectively home to some of the best falls in Hawaii as well, especially when it comes to what really makes a waterfall a waterfall – height.

The Big Island is home to some of the tallest falls in the state. Below we’ve included links to several of the best waterfalls on the Big Island, most of which you can actually see without a helicopter (all falls visible from the air only are noted). And while you can certainly get to some of these places on your own, a great way to seee the highlights is by booking a Big Island Tour with the Volcano Van.

On the list of Big Island of Hawaii waterfalls below, we’ve included the height of the falls when possible, a rank (out of 5 stars), noted if it’s a seasonal falls (dry in summer or too heavy of a flow in winter), and included any additional access information as necessary. If you think you’ve located a Big Island waterfall we’ve mistakenly left off this list, by all means please contact us and we’ll make sure it’s added.

Lazing on the Beach

Whether you prefer a laid-back vacation lazing on a secluded beach or a fast-paced holiday packed with fun activities, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Hawaii. The islands offer plenty of ways to experience native Hawaiian culture, from luaus to festivals to recreations of ancient villages. And, with the state’s mixed ethnic heritage, you can experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of many other places around the globe.

With average temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, Hawaii is truly a tropical paradise. Native Hawaiians were known for their incredible prowess in the water, and travelers today can enjoy just about any water activity, including fishing, snorkeling, and whale watching. Of course, Hawaii also boasts some of the best surfing in the world.

There’s plenty to do in the great outdoors on land, too. Explore volcanoes, hike in lush mountain forests, learn how to rope cattle on a ranch, play a round of golf, or marvel at the beautiful native plants in a botanical garden. For a glimpse into Hawaii’s fascinating past, visit ancient temple ruins or petroglyphs. Kids will love a visit to the zoo or aquarium.



Bodyboarding is not just fun, it is additionally an awesome activity. It fortifies the arms and legs furthermore works the hips and stomach. For learners it is best to abstain from honing excessively near surfers, as they may run you over. Make certain you are acquainted with some fundamental surfing rules. Dropping in a wave another surfer is surfing, for instance, can be perilous, in light of the fact that you may crash into each other. For the most part, the surfer who is closest the breaking part or crest of a wave has the privilege of way.

Novices ought to likewise pay consideration on the tides. Amid low tide, bodyboarding can be risky in light of the fact that the reef is nearer to the surface and its sharp shakes can slice reckless bodyboarders to pieces. On the off chance that one gets cut, regardless of how little, the main thing to do is escape the water before you draw in sharks. At that point clean the injury on the grounds that the coral reef is a living creature and microorganisms or coral cells in the injury can without much of a stretch cause a contamination.

In the event that you are a careful fledgling, bodyboarding is a fun game that can be appreciated each day when the surf is great. It’s an awesome workout, clears the brain from upsetting considerations and can be delighted in by any individual who loves to be in the water.


We offer tours of Oahu’s famous North Shore and beaches including
Sharks Cove, Turtle Bay and the World famous Waimea Bay. Choose
your water activities such as snorkeling or body boarding.
Sharks cove has been rated by Scuba Diving Magazine as one of the
“Top Twelve Shore Dives in the World”. Located on Oahu’s world
famous North Shore its a beautiful place not only to snorkel but to also
explore the marine sea life in the tide pools. Some of the sea life you
will see are, butterfly fish, parrot fish, eels, turtles, crustaceans, and
invertebrates. Summertime is the best to snorkel here.
Kuilima Bay/ Turtle Bay is also a great place to take a snorkel tour It’s
located on the famous North Shore. The cove is enclosed by a natural
rock barrier, protecting it from the waves, creating an ideal calm and
relaxing snorkeling experience for the entire family. The water is crystal
clear allowing you to see colorful fish, turtles, coral reefs and gem
stones. You can also layout on the white, warm sand.
The World Famous Waimea is located in Haleiwa on the North Shore of
O’ahu in the Hawaiian Islands at the mouth of the Waimea River.
Waimea Valley extends behind Waimea Bay. Waimea means “Red
Water” in Hawaiian. There are sometimes Hawaiian Spinner dolphins in
the summertime. The marine habitats thrive here including fish, turtles,
interesting topography and coral. Waimea Bay is part of the protected
Pupukea marine life preserve that is an amazing place to take a snorkel
tour. It’s illegal to fish, so the fish are often more tame and used to
human interaction than at other places on the island. There is also a huge
Waimea Bay jumping rock to jump off into the ocean and see some
• Our tours include beverages and snacks
• Equipment will be provided for selected activities
• Round trip transportation to and from North Shore to South Shore of
• Pick up is 30-40 min prior to your tour time
• Weather conditions determine whether or not we may surf, bodyboard
or snorkel as well as a BBQ lunch
• Restrictions include no wheel chair accessibility
• Cancellation Policy is 48 hours before the event
• 6 passenger minimum and maximum which is negotiable
• Adult cost is $135
• Children 3 and up $79
• Plus Hawaii sales tax
• Duration is 4-5 hour


Hawaiian waters are some of the most beautiful and friendly in the world. Water temperatures are warm, clarity is astounding, and the surf is exciting. The backdrop of towering cliffs draped in tropical foliage makes every destination a perfect photo opportunity of stunning beauty.

Coral reefs team with bright colored sea life in shallow, bath warm lagoons. Fruit trees and fishing can provide one with a taste of Robinson Carosoe cuisine. Cool trade winds fan the islands with ocean fresh air. This is truly a paddler’s paradise.

The Hawaiian archipelago was created millions of years ago by an upwelling volcanic hot spot deep beneath the slowly moving Earth’s crust. This chain of islands in the middle of the world’s largest ocean is populated by plants and animals that swam, flew, drifted, or otherwise hitched a ride somehow.

Polynesian people first came to the islands over one thousand years ago by double hull voyaging canoes, bringing with them their own plants, animals, and their culture. Using the strength of their paddling muscles and the winds when available, Hawaiian people paddled and fished these coasts just as many do today in kayaks. Fortunately you can fly to the islands instead of paddling. Distances between islands will also exclude inter island paddling as a recreational pursuit. Things Every Kayaker Needs To Know:

Sit-on-top kayaks are the dominant type of craft available at local outfitters. They are very well suited for the Hawaiian environment. The open-top cockpit allows the paddler to remain cool in the tropical breezes, jump in and out to swim or snorkel easily, and makes wave riding safe and fun. Most are stable, easy to get back onto and fun to use.

Touring kayaks glide through the water and cut through the waves. You can expect to travel at speeds of three to six miles per hour. Kayaks are light and easy to handle. You can pull your kayak up to the high water mark and make camp on a remote beach. Touring kayaks are available at outfitters and recreational kayaks (just for fun) are available at resorts and beach concessions. Outrigger canoes are hard to get a hold of and mainland style canoes are almost unheard of. Sit-on-top kayaks are used in the same manner as their mainland cousins. You can even practice your Eskimo rolls by using knee straps.

Surf Lesson

Come check out Dick’s surf trips in Oahu, Hawaii. Weather it’s in a group friendly atmosphere or in a one on one private lesson, you’re going to have a unique and fun adventure. We offer our clients beginner or intermediate classes from a professional. If you want to learn how to surf you came to the right place, easily reserve your surf trip and lesson on line and simply fill out the contact form, or just give us a call. Oahu is Hawaii’s 3rd largest island and it is the most developed. Honolulu is the hub of all the islands merged, giving many activities and also lodgings, along with a sensation of escape and natural relaxation in year-round soothing weather. Come to Oahu learn to surf and thus capture your experience with dickssurftrips.com for all your friends and family to learn. The islands are popular for providing surfing enthusiasts with endless excitement. For the more expert surfers the North Shoreline of Oahu is a target which is impossible to refuse. The powerful waters of the North Shore have resulted in creating this adrenaline junkies heaven. You can put your wave cruising skills against numerous intense surfing conditions which are found everywhere in these islands or just observe the fearless exploits of other folks. The beaches along the North Shore are where you can find many of the best surfers on earth so it is not for the faint of heart. Add this location to your surf trip and get ready to have your game on once your feet hit the shore. Our learn to surf lessons start by you learning the correct footing on land. You will get a board and thus learn how to balance as well as learning to position your body for optimum results. Once you have conquered the basic principles you will be guided as you put your skills to the test in the ocean with the real waves and Dick’s surf trips will get you on film to show your family and friends your surfing experience. Incredibly athletic surfers also come to the North Shore of the Oahu Island. Come on a surfing trip and watch a world championship and experience pro surfers who will show-off their talents in the the North Shore. These waves are some of the most famous in the world. An Oahu tour would not be complete without a trip to the North Shore. This part of Oahu is still rural as well as undeveloped in parts. Whatever adventures you encounter on Oahu, whether it is learning to surf with Dick’s surf trips, or enjoying the warm pacific waters you came to the right place.