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The DICK’S BOTANICAL GARDENS are comprised of five gardens on the island of Oahu.

Cost for professional guided tour
175$ per person 1/2 day Tour
Includes North, South,and East Parts of the Island of Oahu.


Foster Garden follows its starting to 1853 when Queen Kalama rented a little zone of area to William Hillebrand, a youthful German specialist. A botanist and in addition a doctor, he and his significant other fabricated a home in the upper patio range of the present greenery enclosure. The brilliant trees which now tower over this region were planted by him. It is home to a portion of the most seasoned trees on the island and a world-class gathering of orchids, palms, and noteworthy plants are additionally highlighted.


This 7-section of land patio nursery was before the property and favored excursion grounds of Queen Lili`uokalani, the last ruling ruler of Hawaii. The greenery enclosure highlights local Hawaiian plants in her honor. A stream and waterfall goes through the inside giving a quiet desert garden in the heart of Honolulu.


This rainforest garden supported along a 27 section of land gorge in focal Oahu is an asylum for tropical vegetation requiring a cooler atmosphere.


African Plants, Cacti, Succulents, Plumeria cultivars, Dryland Palms, Native Wiliwili Grove, Bougainvillea. Open dawn to dusk. No cleared trails or offices. A vivid plumeria woods and a desert flora and succulent greenery enclosure are highlights, and uncommon dryland plants from around the globe. A 2-mile foot trail guides guests through the 60 section of land bowl of a torpid fountain of liquid magma. This patio nursery gives both a plant and geographical outing!


This 400 section of land greenhouse is settled at the base of the grand Ko`olau Mountains. Plants from around the globe are given an accentuation on Polynesian plants and palms. The patio nursery offers numerous recreational open doors, for example, outdoors, trekking and bicycling.


Situated on Oahu’s North Shore, Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Garden highlights 36 noteworthy plant accumulations, all assembled in a valley that stretches out from ocean level to a rise of 1,000 feet. Despite the fact that there are numerous spots on the island to see neighborhood plants, the wealth of such a large number of assortments of hibiscus and other local blooms in such close nearness makes this a one-stop prologue to Hawaiian greenery.

Likewise complimentary are guided strolling visits. They begin each hour from 10am to 2pm, aside from twelve, and highlight clarifications of local plants, nearby history, and the region’s natural life. Another exceptional element is the month to month “Moon Walk.” It starts at 8:30pm on the Friday before every full moon, offering a chance to see the most-uncommon of Hawaii’s blossoms sprouting under moonlight. This guided visit has an expense: .